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Within a one day drive of tens of millions of people, the mountains of Northeastern North America face enormous pressure from human use. At the same time they serve as havens for rare plants and animals, and provide physical challenge, spiritual inspiration, and sweeping views.

The Waterman Fund works to foster stewardship and care of these remarkable landscapes.



The Waterman Fund awards grants for projects that strengthen human stewardship and understanding of the alpine areas, open summits, and exposed ridgelines of the northeastern U.S. and Canada through education and outreach, trail maintenance, and research. Learn more about Grants

Essay Contest and Ethics Books

Guy and Laura Waterman spent a lifetime reflecting and writing on the Northeast’s mountains. The Waterman Fund seeks to further their legacy through essays that celebrate this wilderness spirit. Learn more about the Essay Contest and Ethics Books

Alpine Steward Award

The Waterman Fund annually presents an Alpine Steward Award. The award is given each year to a person or organization who has demonstrated a long term commitment to protecting the physical and spiritual qualities of the northeast’s mountain wilderness. Learn more about the Alpine Steward Award