Summary of All Grant Awards

Since 2002, the Waterman Fund has been delighted to fund grants to support many worthy causes. The following is a sortable/searchable list of grants provided by the Fund.

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YearApplicantDescriptionAward ($)Grant Type
2021Adirondack Mountain ClubAlpine Stewardship on the Adirondack High Peaks9,455Education
2021Green Mountain ClubCamel’s Hump and Mount Mansfield Alpine Zone Backcountry Education & Stewardship11,045Education
2021Antioch University New EnglandGLORIA 2021: Alpine Vegetation Monitoring in the White Mountain National Forest5,863Research
2021Paul Smith's CollegeBalancing Recreational Use and Wildlife Conservation in the Adirondack High Peaks10,000Research
2021World Trails Network AmericaFranconia Ridge Summit Steward13,878Education
2021Adirondack Mountain ClubProfessional Trail Work on Boundary and Iroquois Peak15,000Trail Work
2020Dartmouth Outing Club
Mount Moosilauke Alpine Research and Stewardship5,028Research
2020Green Mountain Club
Camel’s Hump Alpine Zone Backcountry Education10,000Education
2020Maine Appalachian Trail ClubAlpine Stewardship on Saddleback and Bigelow Mountains6,000Education
2020Maine Appalachian Trail ClubSaddleback Mountain Trail Rehabilitation8,000Trail Work
2019Museum of the White MountainsWalking in the Whites: Why Do We Hike?4,000Education
2019Maine Appalachian Trail ClubSaddleback and Bigelow Mountain Stewardship5,000Education
2019Adirondack Mountain ClubProfessional Trail Work in the Adirondack Alpine Zone15,000Trail Work
2019Green Mountain ClubAlpine Zone Informational Signage and Trail Rehabilitation7,000Trail Work
2018Adirondack Mountain ClubAlpine Trail Work3,210Trail Work
2018Green Mountain ClubTrail Work3,248Trail Work
2018Jill WeissSummary of Stewardship Programs2,500Education
2018Min Kook KimMonitoring Trampling on Cadillac Mtn 2,250Research
2018Maine Natural History ObservatoryBreeding Bird Study3,500Research
2018World Trails NetworkFranconia Ridge internship4,500Education
2017Adirondack Mountain ClubCascade Mountain Interpretive Signs1,851Education
2017Maine Appalachian Trail ClubAlpine Stewardship on Bigelow and Saddleback Mountains1,000Education
2017SUNY BrockportSnowed Communities on Mt. Washington, NH2,865Research
2017New Hampshire AudubonCensus of American Pipit3,500Research
2016Maine Appalachian Trail ClubField Guide to Alpine Plants1,000Education
2016Sam KilburnAssessing trail conditions in White Mountains2,840Trail Work
2016Acadia National ParkCadillac Mountain trail rehab3,200Trail Work
2016Adirondack Mountain ClubSummit Steward Program5,000Education
2016Green Mountain ClubMansfield trail work2,075Trail Work
2015Appalachian Mountain ClubNorthern Presidential Alpine Teen Trail Crew Project2,500Trail Work
2015Dartmouth Outing ClubMoosilauke Beaver Brook Trail Restoration2,000Trail Work
2015Green Mountain ClubPhoto-Monitoring in Mount Mansfield’s Alpine Zone2,000Research
2015MacKenzieRidges in a Warming Climate: Monitoring Plant Phenology in Acadia National Park1,800Research
2015Maine Appalachian Trail ClubCaretaking on Bigelow and Saddleback Mountains1,000Education
2015Monadnock Ecological Research and Education ProjectHow to: Manual for Gathering Data on Alpine Stewardship Programs in the Northeast500Education
2015Randolph Mountain ClubRehabilitate Spur Trail: Crag Camp to Lowes Path2,000Trail Work
2015Nancy SlackInvasive dandelions (Taraxacum offinale) in snowbed communities on the cone of Mt. Washington: Research and Control1,200Research
2015Whitefield SchoolUsing Leave No Trace to Save Our Alpine Environment, One Child at a Time2,000Education
2014Acadia National ParkSargent Mtn South Ridge Trail Rehab2,000Trailwork
2014Nancy Slacklichens, bryophytes, alpine snowbeds+1,000Research
2014Beyond KtaadnAlpine Arthropods of Uapishka Plateau4,000Research
2014Appalachian Mountain ClubEstablish GLORIA Site in White Mtns2,500Research
2014White Mtn National ForestTrailhead Steward Program3,700Education
2014Maine Nat Hist ObservatoryBaxter Park/Alpine Flora Inventory/Citizen Sc4,000Research
2013The Rey CenterWelch Ledges-Beech Street School1,561Education
2013Nancy Slacklichens, bryophytes, alpine snowbeds+892Research
2013Mount Washington Observatorymuseum exhibit5,000Education
2013Antioch University/MEREHost Alpine Stewardship Gathering2,500Gathering
2013Maine Appalachian Trail ClubBigelow Mountain Caretaker2,500Education
2012The Rey Centerstewards, science2,275Education
2012Nancy Slacklichens, bryophytes, alpine snowbeds+1,500Research
2012Appalachian Mountain Clubbibliography5,440Research
2012Antioch University/MEREsteward3,675Education
2011Zoe LIntonWampahoofus children's book - alpine interp500Education
2011Maine Appalachian Trail ClubHorns Pond Caretaker2,000Education
2011Green Mountain ClubNEASG2,000Gathering
2011Dartmouth Outing ClubMoosilauke steward2,000Education
2011Beyond Ktaadnwolverine/marten research & NEASG travel800Research
2011Antioch University/MERENew MERE coordinator position4,080Education
2010Beyond KtaadnLaurentian initiative, book6,000Research
2010Wildlife Conservation Societyalpine moss and lichen inventory4,140Research
2010Green Mountain Clubinterpretive alpine signs1,360Education
2010Appalachian Mountain Clubplant cam2,500Research
2009Antioch University/MEREMt. Monadnock Stewardship Program5,000Education
2009Adirondack Mountain ClubNEASG2,500Gathering
2009Coastal Mountains Land Trustinterpretive signage1,500Education
2009Dartmouth Outing ClubBeaver Brook/Mt. Moosilauke summit trail2,000Trail Work
2008Maine Appalachian Trail Cluboverall alpine program support2,000Education
2008Adirondack Mountain Clubsummit steward coordinator6,000Education
2008Vermont Center for Ecostudiesalpine butterfly monitoring7,000Research
2007Randolph Mountain ClubLowe's path2,000Trailwork
2007Acadia National ParkNEASG2,000Gathering
2007Appalachian Mountain Clubalpine phenology3,000Research
2007Adirondack Mountain Clubbotanical steward4,000Research
2006Adirondack Mountain Clubalpine zone signage1,950Education
2006The Rey Centermountain for learning, signs2,500Education
2006Dartmouth Outing Clubalpine steward1,000Education
2006Appalachian Trail Conferencephoto monitoring2,134Research
2005Green Mountain Clubbilingual alpine display1,750Education
2005Dartmouth Outing Clubalpine steward1,250Education
2005White Mountain National ForestWelch/Dickey restoration2,400Trail Work
2005Maine Appalachian Trail Clubalpine education3,000Education
2004Adirondack Mountain Clubphotopoint monitoring2,500Research
2004Green Mountain Clubgroup outreach program1,000Education
2004Appalachian Mountain ClubNEASG800Gathering
2003Appalachian Mountain ClubGrafton Loop trail2,500Trail Work
2003Dartmouth Outing Clubalpine steward2,500Education
2003Green Mountain Clubalpine ecology program2,500Education
2002Randolph Mountain ClubCrag Camp display1,200Education