Emerging Alpine Steward Award

The Waterman Fund seeks nominations for its new Emerging Alpine Steward Award. The award will be given to a person who has demonstrated a commitment to protecting the physical and spiritual qualities of mountain wildness in the Northeast. The award is largely intended to encourage and recognize young individuals.

Seeking to remind us of the values that Guy and Laura Waterman wrote about in their books and practiced in their lives, the Emerging Steward Award honors and thanks people who have begun to demonstrate a commitment to preserving both the physical landscape and the spirit of wildness in the Northeast's mountains.

Anyone who has been an active steward of the mountains of the Northeast for five years or fewer can be nominated for the award. The nominee can be a volunteer, a student, a government employee, or an employee of a for-profit or nonprofit organization. The ideal nominee would display a heartfelt commitment to protecting both the physical resource and the spiritual component of mountain wildness.

A form on the Fund's website is all that is required to nominate someone. Nominations are due by August 1. Please cite specific examples of the nominee’s commitment to and stewardship of the Northeast's alpine zone and its wild character, along with other relevant personal or professional experience.

The recipient will be invited to receive the Emerging Alpine Steward Award at the Fund’s annual dinner or the biannual Alpine Stewardship Gathering.


2020Myles Sornborgor, World Trails Network
2019Kayla White, Adirondack Mountain Club