Alpine Snowbed Communities of Mt. Washington


  • YEAR: 2012
  • GRANT RECIPIENT: Dr. Nancy Slack
  • PROJECT: Alpine Snowbed Communities of Mt. Washington and the monitoring of Populations of Rare Bryophytes and Lichens in Relation to Future Climate Change
  • AMOUNT: $1500
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Mt Washington Alpine Snowbed Communities

In 2012, the Waterman Fund awarded Sage Colleges Professor Nancy Slack $1,500 to inventory snowbed communities and rare bryophytes and lichens on Mount Washington. Preliminary results suggest that species composition in snowbed communities has changed since the 1960s. Rare species of bryophytes and lichens were discovered near the popular Alpine Gardens trail. More than 50 species of liverworts were recorded, the most striking of which was the re-discovery of one not seen in nearly 100 years despite occasional searches. This species and its relatives are among the oldest green land plants. Study results have established a baseline to detect changes in response to climate change and other variables.